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The VIP Day

Get expert help fast!

Need a website, branding, tech setup, or updates to your systems fast? With the VIP Day, get it all crossed off your list in just a day!

Don’t keep putting off what we can do in just a day

It’s rough trying to figure out the tech stuff on top of everything else you are juggling.

  • MYou start each day frazzled and disorganized unsure of what to do next
  • MYou have no time to learn a new platform for your website
  • MYou really want a website or branding that reflects you, but have no idea how to acheive it
  • MYou're stuck and can't move forward until you have your website/marketing figured out
  • MYou're embarrassed to show anyone your website
  • MYou want to stop wasting time and money on ineffective solutions or frustrating DIY attempts

Sound like you?

Introducing the VIP Day

Say hello to:

  • NA trusted partner who can take things off your plate
  • NStarting your day totally relaxed
  • NA gorgeous website with built in automations to make you more money
  • NBuilding momentum from your growing email list on auto-pilot
  • NBeing booked out months in advance!

Doesn’t that sound awesome?

You know there’s a smarter and easier way out there! Let’s make this happen for you!

What you get

* 1 hour strategy session
* Worksheets and guides to help you complete your pre-work
* 30 minute pre-work check-in call
* 6-7 hour VIP day
* 60 minutes of revision post-intensive
* 30 days of email support for any questions you have



How it works

01. Strategy Call
We’ll have a 60 minute call so we can get on the same page about what you need.
02. Pre Work
I’ll provide you with everything you need to get crystal clear on your vision and what you need done. You’ll have at least 14 days to complete this part.
03. Kickoff call
We’ll meet to go over all your pre-work a few days before your VIP Day to ensure we’re on the same page and that the day goes as smoothly as possible.
04. VIP Day
I’ll check in with you when I start the day and keep you updated of progress. I’ll need you to be available throughout the day to provide feedback. The quicker you can get back to me, the more we can get done typically.
05. Final Edits + Support
You get to review everything and let me know of any small changes within 48 hours so that everything is to you liking. From here, you will have 30 days of email support for any questions you might have regarding your new website or whatever work I did for you.
Common requests of things we can get done in a day (or two or three!)

And if you have something else in mind, just ask! We’d be happy to create a custom VIP Intensive for you.

Website Punch List

All the little tasks that you need done on your website including content updates or swapping out photos.

Email Automations

Get your email set up sorted with a signup form on your website, an email list uploaded and email software configured along with email templates that you can reuse easily.

Refreshed Branding

Need a new logo or want to update your fonts, colors, etc on your website?

Social Media Suite

Let’s set up all your accounts and get them configured properly with posts and boosts ready to go!

Ecommerce Setup

Already have a website and just need to add a store to it? Let’s get you ready to start selling in a day!

Software Integration

Are you using a new 3rd party software that you want to integrate into your existing website? We can install, configure, and execute it without you lifting a finger!

A quick note

It’s important to note that when you schedule a VIP Design Day, you are booking me for the DAY, not a set of deliverables.

But because of my experience and my super-efficient process, I am able to achieve maximum results in our time together. How much we are able to accomplish depends on your quick response to my text messages throughout our day and thoroughly completing the prep work prior to starting, so keep that in mind when you choose your date.

Client Love

Here's what some of our
clients have to say about us!

This is for you if….

You have goals and a clear vision of what you want but need expert help to get it all done

You can make decisions quickly and can make yourself available on the day of for input and feedback

You're not looking for something big and complicated - you want a simple website or updates, specific marketing pieces, or branding, etc.

You need it done now!

This is NOT for you if….

You need to consult other people before you can make a decision

You're not sure if you'll be able to do the pre-work or you want to be completely hands-off the process

Your project requires advanced functionality

You are unsure of your timeline

Are you ready to...

Be found online? Showcase your brand? Generate revenue quickly and easily? Capture digital leads? Build up an email list? Look professional? Work in your business, not on it?

Now booking for March & April – let’s get it off your plate and done so you can stop stressing about it!

Hi, I'm Ruby!

I love creating beautiful and easy to use websites that empower my clients to take charge of their business and get their life back!

When your website clearly communicates your value and you have effortless processes in place, you can spend more time serving your clients and creating lifestyle freedom. I am here to help you with that!